A good day, and film #15

Really, I had such a good day, all things considered. My cousin was kind enough to drive me to campus this morning, as we both have 11:30 class. Shakespeare class is terrible. I feel like I’m now closing in on being old enough and English-majory enough that I can say that, because it’s not AT ALL that I don’t like Shakespeare. Actually, this leads me toward a whole other tangent on the Cycle of Being an English Major, but I should really, hm, get back to that at another time.

So, Shakespeare, which I’m now considering Free Write time. Then Italian, where we got our quizzes back. I was expecting something dreadful, a 70 percent, perhaps, but instead got an 86 and an A on my tema. Then we talked about cars and transportation, and that’s all stuff I remember the words for, so yay. I took my lunch, which is good because I’m trying not to really eat out this week, and ate with Katherine at the Union. Then I called and my car was ready, and I started reading Get Shorty while waiting for the courtesy van to pick me up. Car works, now. Yay. Then I spent some time at the Cup, then picked up . We saw The Wedding Date, which made up for its predictability of plot (and weird cuts) with hot Dermot Mulroney, who, if you’re wondering, is hotter than Dylan McDermot and should never be confused with him ever again. OK. Also: movie popcorn, and real Coke. And it was a fabulous time.

And the evening was a total waste of computery stupidity, but… it was a good day. Also, Disc 7 of “The O.C.” season 1 arrived today, so I’ve got that to look forward to tomorrow. Woo!

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One Response to A good day, and film #15

  1. simplelyric says:

    hot Dermot Mulroney, who, if you’re wondering, is hotter than Dylan McDermot

    I agree that they shouldn’t be confused, but, thanks to The Miracle on 34th Street remake in which he starred (and my subsequent several-year addiction to the practice), I still find Dylan McDermott more attractive than Dermot Mulroney.

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