Things I need to know more about

If you happen to have any past experience (personal, professional, tangential, etc.) with any of the following topics, I need to know a little more about all of them for a current project. E-mail me, snag me on IM, or, of course, comment if you don’t mind me picking your brain a bit.

Things I need to know more about:

1). Jail (particularly things like processing new people, etc.)
2). with that, also: Criminal trial procedure, particularly scheduling (i.e., times between arrest, arraignment, and trial) and things like bail restrictions.
3). Convenience store employment
4). Being in a wheelchair, temporarily
5). Wine – and better yet, wine tours (yes, I’ve seen Sideways) and/or anything resembling a wine-of-the-month club/arrangement
6). Possible (feasible) production schedules for a graphic novel
7). Traversing the U.S./Mexican border
8). Really great but not extremely well-known bands who sound better live than on CD and would perform in California, Oregon, or Nevada
9). A type of dog small enough to be kept in an apartment that can also swim pretty well. Also, care and feeding tips for the dog.
10). The physics/physical signs that would make obvious whether someone had fallen or was pushed from a great height, like a roof or high balcony.

I know I have more. Huh. I’ll keep adding, probably. Again,, IM:jsomethingk, or comment, and I will buy and send you cookies (you don’t want me baking, honest).

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7 Responses to Things I need to know more about

  1. dine says:

    a million years ago I worked in Parole & Probation for 8 years, so I know a bit about the legal system, but probably not enough about the stuff you’re seeking.

    I spent a very little time using a walker/wheelchair a couple years ago – but mostly wasn’t limited to the wheelchair, so again I’m probably not your best source of info.

    I do have a suggestion for #9 – the Schipperke. originally bred as ratters and guards for Flemish boats, they’re small and do well on boats (and swim fine).

  2. webcowgirl says:

    I’ve been across the border at Nogales a couple of times, well, at least twice, both times really horrible.

  3. drenilop says:

    I can be useful on 1& 2 — gee, and I said that side of the family would never be useful for anything. 🙂

    I’ve also done 3, and I’ve done something like 5.

    For 6, try – she talks a lot about production schedules and such for regular fiction, but because a lot of the SF/F publishers also publish graphic, it should be comparable.

    For 10, think physics. It takes a certain amount of force to cause certain injuries – break bones, bruise, etc. We know the acceleration of gravity, so it’s a matter of calculating backward to find the height at which the person must have fallen from if certain injuries (invoking certain force thresholds) occured.

    Yes, I *AM* a nerd – you got a problem with that??? 😛

    BTW, what the HECK is this stuff for??!?!?

  4. next_bold_move says:

    I second the recommendation for Michelle Sagara.

    Also, I have your convenience store answer, as I think we discovered when we went to the movie.

  5. simplelyric says:

    I could potentially help a tiny bit with #7. For #8, the only one that really comes to mind is Common Rotation, and now they’ve released more live albums than studio albums.

  6. gotmce99 says:

    I was on a wine tour in South Africa. Big bus picked up the AU students and a bunch of folks on an overland trip from Cairo to Cape Town – mostly Brits and Aussies. We went to three vinyards. At the middle one, some of the overlanders were already so drunk that they got naked and jumped in a pool. Kind of weird, but fortunately we were all tipsy enough to not be too weirded out.

    People bought bottles of wine but most people opened them up on the bus ride home to keep the party going.

    I don’t know if you want more details, but if you do, I got them.

  7. starstraf says:

    3 – I worked at a gas station for a bit
    5 – we know a bit about wine, have been on wine tours, and have been part of a wine of the month club
    7 – done that a few times

    Pooch would know 5,7,9, maybe 8

    I could find out 1,2,6,8 and maybe 10 for you

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