Death Cab has entered the building

On a less MAGICAL note, I bought another CD today. I think that puts me up to maybe two store-bought CDs since January. Picked up Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism today at Hastings. Mmm so good. It’s mostly on a theme of long-distance relationships (hence the name). And I envy the song titles for their ideas — “The Sound of Settling,” for instance. Can I name my book that?

First impressions: I really, really like this album. There’s a Ben Folds (Five) feel to it — maybe I’m just making that connection because “Brick” was on the radio this afternoon just before I put the CD in, but it’s also something to do with the lead guy’s voice and songs like “Title and Registration” and “Expo ’86” – which has a great, great chorus, “I am waiting for something to go wrong,” that could fit very nicely on Whatever and Ever Amen. I mean, I’ve had this CD for about 12 hours and I already know half the lyrics.

So, does anyone have any great musical suggestions for me? Where do I go if I love and devour Death Cab for Cutie? The Postal Service? Modest Mouse? The Shins? Those are the directions Amazon would point me in.

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7 Responses to Death Cab has entered the building

  1. tmseay says:

    Hmm. My musical tastes are not so much wide-ranging as nonexistent, but it does sound like you and I have vaguely similar likes. Some of my recent favorites along those lines are Fountains of Wayne, Yellowcard, and… yeah, The Shins are always worth a listen, although they alternate between too mellow and too shrill for my tastes.

    Oh, as for the ticket thing — if doors open at 4:30, what if we meet at, say, 4:00 at Java Break? My guess is that lines’ll begin accumulating well before 4:30, so I’d like to get to Liberty at least a few minutes ahead of time…

  2. phillyexpat says:

    Yes to the Shins! Love love love them. You might also like The Eels.

    I saw Death Cab for Cutie years ago-they opened for my friend’s band at 9:30 club. They rock.

  3. next_bold_move says:

    Would you bring that one to poker as well? 😀

    I have a great love for the Weakerthans, if you haven’t heard them. Their lyrics are wicked smart.

  4. next_bold_move says:

    So jealous! You’ll have to take good notes about what Dr. Dean has to say, since I’m dying to know.

    Did you see that the bookclub has actually selected a book?

  5. tmseay says:

    Shock! That’s great!

    Do we have a meeting date, too, or can I stand back up from where that feather knocked me over?

  6. next_bold_move says:

    Not at this time, so it’s save to stand up.

    I was waiting a little to see if we would get a larger response. If it’s just the three of us, we’ll have more flexibility.

  7. kepkanation says:

    4 p.m. at Java Break sounds great! See you there.
    Yellowcard I’ve liked in the past, and I’ve heard good things about Fountains of Wayne recently. Thanks for the suggestions!

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