Five day wrap-up.

Friday I won money at poker. This has never happened to me before and may never happen again. Also, I had some tasty French onion dip and acquired several new must-see movies to watch ASAP, thanks to .

Saturday, went shopping in Topeka, for no clear reason. Came home and collapsed. Wow, I’m thrilling. I did discover a song I’m going to include on every CD I send out this month called “We Live in Kansas City” by the Deep Thinkers. It’s just for the humor value. The song can be listened to/downloaded (legally, I believe) at the band’s homepage. Let me quote: “Livin’ in the center of this country may suck/ but the rent’s hella cheap so you can save a couple bucks.” I think maybe the point of the song is that there’s nothing to do in KC but kill time and write rap. Which, you know, that’s an intriguing take on it.

Sunday, I can’t even remember. Oh, I finished Season One of “The O.C.” finally. I’ll need Season Two ASAP, because I am that sad. And the Oscars! I’ll be handing out Pity Oscars very soon. Martin Scorcese, hold out your hand.

Monday. Huh. Classes, then much wasting of time. Ended up driving around town at about 11, trying to come up with anything resembling a good way to go about the story due in class today.

And that’s about all I have to show for my week, aside from another tussle with my advisor, Dr. Jekyll-Hyde (Ph.D.), on Friday, when he chewed me out for taking the classes he approved to finish out my major and basically threatened me with non-graduation before finally relenting in a big huff and telling me at least four times that he’s doing me a great big huge favor. For the length of that conference, I was about ready to say screw it for the English major and graduate PoliSci only, which has to say something about how ridiculous it was.

Oh! Oo! New Get Your War On! And I missed the one just before that, too: “In ten years, when Iran and Iraq have merged to form the new nation of Islamospooky, Paul Wolfowitz will slap his forehead so hard his brains will fly out the back.” I can only hope.

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