Plans and Netrospective

It’s Yahoo!’s birthday and they’ve put up this entertaining “Netrospective” thing that has 100 moments of the Web. Some of the picks are really interesting — Hot or Not?, the puppet, Fanfiction, the death of Jerry Garcia as the first Yahoo! headline, Mozilla taking on IE, the Dean scream, etc. — but some are just blatant self-promotion. Still, an interesting review.

Mom is here until Monday morning (conference in KC tomorrow), so my house is a little more full than usual. I think tomorrow we’re going to the Lawrence Public Library’s panel called “Women and the Writing Life” at 7 p.m. Details: “Women and the Writing Life: a panel discussion on writing careers for women with Harriet Lerner, Joe Lynne Worley, and Nancy Pickard. Co-sponsored by AAUW.” Mom likes Harriet Lerner, the author of The Dance of Intimacy, and I’m intrigued by the topic, soooo off we go. Friday afternoon, I believe I’m going to drag her to the Italian tavola at Teller’s from 4:30 until 5:30 or so, and then perhaps we’ll see Diary of a Mad Black Woman in the evening.

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