overview: break day 1

First, because this is so weird to me, I did my taxes today and it turns out that 2004 is the first year that I’ve actually reported more income than the year I was 16 (1996) and working at Dairy Queen. What have I been DOING with my TIME?

Mmm, first day of Spring Break and I wasted it. Not even in a good way. My sole outings today were first to Starbucks*, at around 3 or so, where I ruminated on my homework and ate pumpkin bread. Then I came home and partially cleaned — and began organizing — my living room, something brought on by an afternoon of apartment considering. I’m not apartment hunting yet, because I can’t hunt until I know where I’m working, but… considering is OK, though I think recently everything I’ve been considering is neatly tucked inside the KC MO ghetto. I don’t think it’s fiscally irresponsible to pay for bulletproofing my car if I can save $200/mo in rent. And free parking!

I caught up on some of my Tivo’ed CSI episodes and an episode of “The O.C” — Sandy, you devil! Not telling Kirsten about Rebecca (Rebecca? Rachel? Kim Delaney, that’s who I mean. And what’s with Sandy always being tempted by women with Biblical names? I expect to see a teaser like, Next week on “The OC”: Sandy flirts with Ruth!). Have to admit, though, Season 2 plots have not been as cool as Season 1 — It’s like Ryan and Seth aren’t even friends anymore, Caleb has too much screen time (and I miss Julie Cooper), and NO ONE EVER GOES TO SCHOOL. And also, Sandy lying to Kirsten — not cool, dude. P.S., I even miss Luke.

Three tickets for U2 were obtained this morning, thanks to Brett. Pittsburgh in October! I’m getting more psyched for the city, and will refrain from all other comment.

* I know I am supposed to hate Starbucks and all of its corporateness and everything, but here’s the thing: they serve Tazo Chai Tea, and that’s my favorite. I like it better than any other Chai I’ve ever had, and so when I want a Chai latte, I go to Starbucks. It’s not a statement, it’s a craving. I am starting to make an effort toward supporting local businesses when I can, but when I can’t get what I want locally, I will still go to the Big Chain. I am convinced this doesn’t make me evil. And even if it does, they gave my mom’s Big Sisters program $10K last month. Yay Starbucks.

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2 Responses to overview: break day 1

  1. drenilop says:

    If y’all need housing in Pgh, let me know – my folks live like 20 mins away and I’m sure they’d be happy to host. My sis’s friends have stopped there on a number of occasions.

  2. kepkanation says:

    Excellent, thanks for the offer. I think we won’t know what our plans are as to staying around in Pittsburgh until a little closer to time, but I may call on you then. I will certainly call on you for advice on “what to do” (and what to avoid) as the travel time approaches.

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