Thought before I make a midnight (1 a.m., actually) run for Diet Pepsi: The PostSecret blog has captured my attention, I think maybe off a link I saw around here. It’s a blog that posts pictures of postcards people send that have secrets (and artwork) on them. My attention has been particularly captured by two cards: The babysitting sabotage card and the 9/11 card. One because, wow, how much do I want to write that story, and the other because… it’s an interesting thing to think about outside of the “didn’t I see that on ‘Law & Order'” kind of way.

Oh, a third one: the New York gates piece card, which reminds me that my great aunt, Ruby, sent me some lovely pictures of the Gates from New York, including a picture of her in her red hat standing near one. They really looked much more reddish, more orangey, than I had thought they would.

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5 Responses to PostSecret

  1. tmseay says:

    Oh, man. Can you imagine reading that latter card if you were a relative of someone who’d died on 9/11 and who, say, had a warped sense of humor and artistic inclinations?

  2. kepkanation says:

    I keep thinking about this card and I can’t decide whether I think it’s real or not — and then again, I’m not sure it matters whether it’s real, it just plants this idea, like you said, for relatives, or even just for observers. I can’t imagine either side of that card, but I keep trying!

  3. ash418 says:

    That card really threw me too! I just stared at it for a few minutes thinking about that possibility and it was creepy.

    By the way, hello! I’m alison. I found you through . I hope you don’t mind that I added you.

  4. kepkanation says:

    That card has certainly given me long moments of wondering, “what if…?”

    And welcome! I love your user icon — oh, the beach. I’ve added you as well, hope that’s cool!

  5. minnaleigh says:

    I’ve wanted to write a story about someone who uses the 9/11 attacks to disappear from their life almost since that day. Within the month anyway. I have a lot of it mapped out in my head already but I don’t know if I’ll ever write it down- it’s a tense story.

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