movie update

OK, movie update. Because why not. The Pope would have wanted it this way.*

This week I saw:

22. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, in which Sandra Bullock tries to make a female buddy-cop movie but is sidetracked by costuming and the fact that it’s really a test of whether she is (still is?) a bankable single star for a movie. Still, entertaining.

23. The Pacifier. Whaaaa? I understand that maybe Vin Diesel wanted to show someone, somewhere that he could a). draw a crowd without being in an action movie and b). could play it pretty funny, but did someone forget to show him/his agent/a literate human being the script before they went off to make the movie? Watch the trailer and you’ll get almost all of the humor, except for the unintentional humor that Lorelai Gilmore trying to karate chop bad guys provides. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t identify actors with their characters, but… she’ll need to give me a reason not to.

24. C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America. This is a local celebrity of a movie, a film made locally, by a KU professor, with many Lawrence/KU/KC connections. In it, the South won the civil war, and slavery is still legal in America. It’s set up as though the audience is watching a documentary on the BBS (British Broadcasting Service) that tells the story, from the Civil War on, of the growth of the Confederate States of America. Fascinating suppositions of the future that would have been, including colonizations, isolations, and the continuing problems of race. What it really did, though, was raise questions. The audience reaction to the film was laughter — but it was also uncomfortable laughter, because most parts of the film, though they;’re streched to fit this outrageous idea, have a grain of truth as their root. Questions at the Q&A after the film focused on this. It’s supposed to be in theaters in July, probably (Spike Lee picked it up at Sundance, and IFC will distribute in the states). If it sounds interesting to you, the producers encouraged us to write to/mention to our hometown theater chains that we’d like to see it picked up there.

25. Black Cloud, which I’ve already talked about.

26. Sin City. I was going to say something about the effects, the splashy, daring film techniques and colors and stories, but then I found out that Stephen Hunter has said it all for me: “Sin City is a dessert from hell, an intense reduction of certain urban pop culture traditions into a creme brulee of brilliant artificiality. It takes the stylings of the spontaneous and gripping film noir moviemaking of the ’40s — shadowy streets, neon spangles, dramatic compositions, extreme states of being — and melts them down to scabrous, gooey essence.” AND: “You could call this a pure product of the American death cult. It celebrates revenge of the most violent sort, it features heroes who not merely kill but mutilate, then torture to death their enemies, its view of women is primeval (they be all gun-toting ‘ho’s), it draws the energy of titillation from breathless examinations of the most profane human behavior (cannibalism, child molestation, rape, ambush-murder), it values toughness above everything, and damn, it’s really good.” That basically sums up my thoughts. Love me some Stephen Hunter.
Oh, also, I need that movie to open with over $33M this weekend, so thanks to anyone who went to see it.

As always, more details and the full 33-films-so-far list are available at my tidy little Web home.

*I was told that I could start making Pope jokes after 5:37 EST.

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  1. therealjae says:

    I have a book — mostly humour, but the same sort of uncomfortable humour — detailing what German unification would have looked like the other way around. It’s a wonderful little thing.


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