bad luck — really, bad planning — strikes

Ninety percent of the time, I am the person that everyone hates, the person for whom everything goes right despite lack of preparation and/or planning. Things work out for me at the last minute. Really. Anyone who’s spent any good amount of time with me can probably tell you this. Even my mom admits it.

So that leaves 10 percent of the time where the lack of planning pays off in a bad way. I am right there tonight, and it’s totally going to mess up tomorrow for me and has the potential to make my Tuesday a disaster, too. And after a life of everything going so swimmingly most of the time, blah! Grr! Even though I am All Grown Up and can admit that I’ve done this to myself, I’m stil frustrated and angry for no reason. But, probably, things will still manage to work out… somehow. Also, I’ll be making a flying trip to the Johnson County public library tomorrow night — anyone need anything?

Tomorrow night at Aimee’s there’s a reading featuring two authors: Imad Rahman, author of the short story collection I Dream of Microwaves; and my screenwriting instructor, David Ohle. I’ve heard it’s going to be extremely crowded, so arrive early (it starts at 6) if you want to hear anything. I’ll probably go in after work with Herbie in tow.

New Get Your War On icon. Woo!

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3 Responses to bad luck — really, bad planning — strikes

  1. webcowgirl says:

    I am very curious about what you’re talking about …

  2. kepkanation says:

    Heh. Intentional vaugeness because I didn’t lock it. Uh, I should have bought a book for class long, long ago, and I didn’t, and now I need to have it read by tomorrow morning so that I can be a part of a group presentation in front of the whole class, where we’ll answer questions about said book. No place anywhere near me has a copy, but I may have located one in Kansas City at a library.

  3. simplelyric says:

    I’ve been that person, too. It makes me guilty sometimes, maybe less often than it should, or maybe more often.

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