The Pope and the Prince

OK, I still stand behind my love of Bill Clinton — he’s the first president I can truly claim to have “known,” as he was the only president who came after I no longer considered recess the best part of my day. I’m listening to CNN, though, and they just read his quote about the Pope, and it strikes me that even when he’s talking about someone else, he’s talking about himself. This isn’t quite what they read on CNN, but it’s close: “There will be debates about him. But on balance, he was a man of God, he was a consistent person, he did what he thought was right,” Clinton said. “That’s about all you can ask of anybody.”

Hm, maybe it’s just me, but I twitch a little anytime there’s legacy and debate and Clinton all in the same sentence. It’s not exactly the right place to be self-promoting.

Then again, maybe it’s just a reaction statement to the blatantly political statements by the Bush family… I find Bush I’s statement about how he wishes he would have had the chance to ask the Pope what a “just war” is reeeeally bizarre, though I suppose it’s better than him just blithely saying, “He was cool and honorable.”

And my other note for the day is this: I think Charles looks spectacularly happy in his wedding photos. I’ve never seen so many articles actually use the phrase “the love of his life,” and… I’m not British, so my opinion is very much that of an extremely distant admirer, but it all seems like a very nice affair to me. Rah rah. Way to go, Charles and Camilla.

Two pictures I particularly love: This one, which has the childish little C+C writing on their car, and this one, with the smile from the Prince (and he has never seemed to be a particularly good actor, so… I buy it. I just buy it all). Oh, and this one, with the protest sign. Awesome, good point.

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2 Responses to The Pope and the Prince

  1. webcowgirl says:

    Doh, all of the photos have been changed since you put up your links!

  2. kepkanation says:

    Ack! I can’t find permanent links for them. Stupid Yahoo!

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