Interest inventory.

Somewhere out there, there’s a person who has focused for probably up to a year of his or her life on the creation of memory-foam insoles by Dr. Scholl’s. I’m just saying, interests really vary.

did some interest accounting and I thought it sounded interesting, and I also needed to kill some time before lunch, so I did it, too:

110 interests:

13 are about music: ben folds, ben folds five, cake, counting crows, dashboard confessional, incubus, keane, pearl jam, phantom planet, radiohead, sheryl crow, stevie nicks, u2

18 are about movies:ben stiller, bottle rocket, death cab for cutie, eli cash, emma thompson, film, movie theater popcorn, movies, muppets, owen wilson, spiderman, steve martin, the life aquatic, tobey maguire, top gun, the royal tenenbaums, wes anderson, zoolander

4 are about school:jayhawks, journalism, ku, law school

32 are about books/writing: all the president’s men, amazon, authors, barbara kingsolver, bob woodward, book stores, books to movies, dark is rising, dave eggers, emma, harry potter, his dark materials, hunter s. thompson, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, kavalier and clay, literature, lord of the rings, michael chabon, nick hornby, novel writing, philip pullman, reading, seabiscuit, sense and sensibility, short stories, storytelling, used book stores, wally lamb, washington post, writing

11 are about television: anderson cooper, comedy central, conan o’brien, csi, golden girls, jon stewart, law and order, non-reality television, sports night, starsky and hutch, the daily show

5 are about computers: adobe photoshop 7, ibook, ipod mini, macintosh, macs

11 are about politics:al gore, american politics, democrats, elections, jimmy carter, john kerry, liberalism, liberalism as an addiction, political campaigns, politics, the war room

16 are of no category: dorkiness, goldfish, homemade vanilla ice cream, i-70, irony, jenn kepka, kansas, kepkanation, newspapers, people-watching, pepsi, sarcasm, tazo chai tea, tide clean breeze, toyota camry, vegetable sushi

The hard part of this is that most of my interests overlap, in part because many of them are very, very general, but in part because I like things that are interesting in multiple areas. For instance, All The President’s Men interests me as a book, which is where I have it listed; it is also a great movie, and as such it was written by someone who fascinates me as a screenwriter, William Goldman; and of course, it’s politically interesting as well. Jon Stewart could be classified in television or politics; owen wilson and ben stiller in movies or writing (for The Royal Tenenbaums or Zoolander).

Also, I’m interested as to why more people don’t list themselves as an interest in some way. Perhaps it’s just that I’m in my self-centered 20s, but I tend to think anyone who keeps a livejournal and who has ever used the private entry function probably has more daily interest in her/himself than in many of the other common topics.

And again, I find an interesting disconnect in the things I list as interests vs. the things that actually take up my brain time on any given day, as discussed previously over here.

In other news, Joe Solmonese, the new president of the Human Rights Campaign, will be at KU tonight at 7 p.m. at the Hall Center. The part that excites me is that my friend Mike has come along with him, so, yay! Free and open to the public — come on down.

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3 Responses to Interest inventory.

  1. simplelyric says:

    If I listed myself, it’d probably just be as ‘myself,’ but here’s basically why I don’t even do that. When I first added interests to my list, I paid pretty strict attention to all the guiding info LiveJournal provided about how to fill in my Personal Information page. Right above the interest box, it says, “Rule of thumb: You should be able to put the interest in the sentence ‘I like ________’.” There are several items I’ve subsequently left off the list because, while I might think about them a lot for whatever reason, I don’t necessarily like them. And I don’t feel as though I like myself quite enough to add myself as an interest in that context.

  2. therealjae says:

    Non-reality television! Ha! (Go, stories.)

    I subsume the interest “me” under “what makes people tick,” which is on my interests list. Given that I am a person, after all.


  3. kepkanation says:

    I actually borrowed the non-reality television interest from ; it sounded brilliant to me.

    And, wait, all this time I’ve thought you were a robot!

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