it kind of sounds like my ideal job is some form of prostitution. it kind of sounds like my ideal job is some form of prostitution

I have applied for three jobs in the last week that I would looove to have, and though things look good for at least one of them (the application deadlines have yet to pass for the other two), I am trying not to be hopeful about any of them. I suspect that the job I want most, which is a position at KU, actually, may already have a leading candidate in the form of someone being promoted from within. It’s hard to describe how awesome it would be to get this job; it fits all of my criteria or “good job” and only misses being perfect by the fact that it’s not going to pay me $500/week to work one or two hours in the middle of the night from home.

Anyway. I had an uneventful day. Class, work, and then an hour or so of reviewing the essays of E.B. White at a coffee shop downtown. I watched late night NBC for the first time in a long time. Some things never change: Carson Daly is still a tool. Some things do: I didn’t really enjoy Conan’s show as much as I used to, though I liked the interview with Anderson Cooper (except for the fact that I’m not sure I ever needed to hear Anderson Cooper say the phrase, “My mother said he was like the Najinsky of cunnilingus” more than once. This was in reference to his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, and her recently published book). Anderson Cooper (I may always use his full name, it just feels right) said that his favorite shows to watch are Primer Impacto on Univision because he enjoys the guy who gives the daily horoscope forecast at 5:47 p.m. and the show on MTV where super rich people plan their kids’ sweet 16 parties. I feel less horrible for liking “The O.C.”

There’s a new show of shame that I’ve been watching. Just a little watching — I think I’ve seen maybe 3 episodes now. I’d like to claim that it’s all in the name of research for my screenplay, which is actually how I got started with it — I need details on plastic surgery and doctors who perform it — but I’ve developed a strange fascination with the show beyond that interest. It’s not “Extreme Makeover,” though I do need to make a point to watch that (since the screenplay revolves around a character “winning” a spot on a makeover show). It’s “Dr. 90210.” The guy who is featured most, Dr. Rey, is a fascinating study in arrogance, if nothing else. Also, the stories tend to feature people who aren’t the people I would have expected to get plastic surgery — most are people who look like they have saved and saved, and possibly taken out large loans, to get the surgery. It’s very interesting. No, really. It’s kind of like watching FOX news; you realize that for some people, there’s a whole other reality out there.

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6 Responses to it kind of sounds like my ideal job is some form of prostitution. it kind of sounds like my ideal job is some form of prostitution

  1. valkyriemoon says:

    i feel you would like this comic: I Drew This.

  2. therealjae says:

    Hey, good luck with the job! *fingers crossed*


  3. simplelyric says:

    Good luck with the job applications!

    My top choice for plastic surgery programming is Nip/Tuck, which does, of course, depict the height of realism. 😉

  4. kepkanation says:

    I briefly watched “Nip/Tuck” and thought (think) it was (is) great — I am a big, drooling Julian McMahon fan.

  5. kepkanation says:

    Thanks! I feel I may need it — apparently there were 64 applicants for a similar position on campus last month.

  6. simplelyric says:

    I saw a preview for an episode in which Famke Janssen was wearing a tailored suit and kissing Joely Richardson. Because I’m a sucker for queer liplocking, I’ve always thought Ms. Janssen looks best when she’s not trying so hard to appear traditionally feminine, and I’d previously heard about the slashiness of Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh’s characters, I watched that episode. That’s even though it was midway through the second season, and I hate starting series after the pilot. I was addicted almost immediately, kept watching the rest of that season, and greedily absorbed the reruns on F/X and on Netflix copies of season 1. I rarely look fully at the screen during surgery scenes, but it’s a wild and weird and fun and surprisingly striking show.

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