Satellite images

Obviously I have not been paying enough attention to politics recently, because when I saw the headline “Reid calls Frist’s GOP politics ‘radical'” on Yahoo! news, I thought, Please don’t let Tara Reid start commenting on politics.

One other random bit of fun: Google Maps now offers satellite imaging. I’ve looked at my campus and my apartment complex and even my mom’s house on the pictures. It’s kind of weirdly fun. As an example, go here, and count four grid squares over from the top left, then go down four (one above the river), and that’s my family’s farm. To get an idea of how isolated the area around there is, just zoom out. The tiny town in the northwest corner is where my dad lives. At the ninth zoom level (from the top) you can see three lakes — Wilson Lake is the longest, Kanopolis Lake to the East, and the lake-like thing at the bottom is Cheyenne Bottoms, a sort-of Duck Haven (though I think they may allow hunting there, so… some haven). Salina also comes into the picture as a grayish city on the East, which means a single click down and my hometown of Hutchinson comes into satellite view. See, it’s just fascinating. This would be better (though maybe creepier) if I could zoom in further, but that only seems to work in big cities.

Tomorrow I will be driving home for the first time since Christmas so I can gather up old newspaper clips to send in to the KC Star, where I am hoping to get some kind of copy-desk position.

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2 Responses to Satellite images

  1. tmseay says:

    I love Harry Reid, I really do. I was one of the skeptics when he was chosen — he’s not terribly charismatic, is to the right of even most centrist Democrats, and has no spectacular legislative history — but the man’s proving me wrong every day.

  2. gotmce99 says:

    Re: Tara Reid


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