I am at about an eleven on the 1-10 frustration scale, but I have nothing to completely blame it on. It’s a bunch of little things piling up: the realization that I have something due in each of my six classes over the next two weeks; the fact that an ATM error cost me $26.95 that I certainly didn’t have to spend, but I can’t get it refunded because I didn’t ask for a printed receipt; my apartment being a mess; a whole raft of family frustrations; and now I’m fighting with Firefox, of all things, which is just driving me batty. The middle two items get extra credit on the frustration scale because they reflect back on to me, and being frustrated with myself is at least two times worse than being frustrated with others.

AND I was interrupted while trying to watch “The Daily Show,” so there’s no relief in sight!

It seems very appropriate that Tuesday’s Onion calendar headline is “Upset Woman Forced to Re-Sigh Louder.”

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