Hot for teacher.

Tuesdays are usually my weird days, and today was a little weirder than most. Early class was good — more on E.B. White and the time problem, and I think I’m closer to having that article figured out. Then I had lunch with , which we hadn’t done since before Spring Break, so that was good. I went back and did some work for class, then went to my drama class. The directors of the 2 plays we were required to see came to class to answer our questions, so that was fascinating.

Also fascinating to me is this story. My professor’s name is Iris. There’s a girl who sits in the front row of class during every meeting and always wears — I think she may wear it to every class, but it may only be every other class — a bright purple T-shirt with yellow letters advertising a theater show she did in high school called Still Life With Iris. Let me give a mini-lesson (add this to my previously stated course catalog): Stop wearing that shirt to every class because a). we get it, you were in drama in high school and therefore are much more qualified to speak to all the complex issues of plays and theater than the rest of us, blah blah blah, and b). this is creepy because you know that’s her name and you keep wearing the damn shirt. Stop it. It would have been creepy for me to wear a Steve Miller Band T-shirt every time I met with my vice principal (Mr. Steve Miller) in high school, and so I judge this CREEPTASTIC and demand it stops. Though it let me use that subject line, so it’s not evil.

After class, I sat outside to finish more homework, and then walked by the posters outside Wescoe to discover that Anderson Cooper is going to be speaking on campus Monday night. Now, as symbolism goes, this is very interesting — there are three events on campus Monday night that I’m interested in. First, there’s Donna Brazile, former campaign manager for Al Gore, speaking at the Dole Institute. Then, there’s a panel discussion with some really interesting (and well-published) KU profs about “Publishing in the Big Bad World” or something like that. And now, Anderson weighs in for the not-quite-dead journalist part of my brain. So there’s my three big majors, all at war with each other, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be going to see Anderson on Monday evening, assuming I can get tickets. If I can’t, I’ll go to the publishing thing.

Then I had dinner with the family — Dad and Jen were in Topeka for something. I explained to everyone that we’re all going to hell, even the two who are Catholic — Dad and Jen — according to Pope Conservativus 57 or whatever his name is. I redirect all discussion of the Pope to this entry by , a real practicing Catholic and a political scientist to boot.

Then I hung out with Maria for a bit, then went to class again, where I said nothing because I am awesome. Or is it because I’m again a last semester senior and sometimes my brain just reaches its saturation point? Does anyone else sometimes feel that they can only focus on so many classes at once, so a few others have to take a hit? I still do good critiques for this class, I just couldn’t get up the energy to argue my points tonight. Tomorrow brings only more Italian homwork, but then also a paper to write and a test to prepare for Thursday. Yargh. I’m so sleepy.

Look, new World Domination icon. Yay.

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  1. phillyexpat says:

    It would have been creepy for me to wear a Steve Miller Band T-shirt every time I met with my vice principal (Mr. Steve Miller) in high school, and so I judge this CREEPTASTIC and demand it stops.


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