Say WHAT, KU bureaucracy?

I am in SUCH a foul mood. It’s the foulest of the foul moods of this week, and that is saying something.

I opened my e-mail at work, la-de-da, and saw a high priority message with my name and graduation in the subject line. Long story short: The graduation auditors wrote to tell me — one month to the day from graduation — that I don’t qualify for a degree in Political Science after all. The good news is that, provided I pass everything I’m in right now (which shouldn’t be a problem, unless my head actually does explode), I still get to graduate with my English degree. But. BUT! Seven years of college and the only major I’ve had the entire time was PoliSci, and now I’m 6 hours short of it. They aren’t even specific classes — I have every course I need to graduate, I just lack “residency” in the POLS department at KU. Again, had I known this TWO YEARS AGO when I first met with my adviser, I could have taken two class at ANY POINT in the interim. I can’t even appeal it, despite the fact that my adviser signed off on the degree certification and told me I’d be fine, TWICE, because there’s a disclaimer in the catalog that says Adviser Stupidity Will Not Get You Out of Meeting Requirements.

I am slowly moving between the first two Kepkanation approved stages of “grief”: Self-Pity and Blind Rage. I’m thinking I might go see a movie and then perhaps either take up kick boxing or face plant in some Coldstone Creamery ice cream, all of which seem like much more constructive ways of dealing with things than my first instinct, which rhymes with “irebombing.”

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10 Responses to Say WHAT, KU bureaucracy?

  1. valkyriemoon says:

    poo! that sucks… i hate how other people’s errors can effect you, and colleges seem to have perfected the art

    but i do think that copious amounts of coldstone can make it better 🙂 or at least worth a valient indulgence

  2. minnaleigh says:

    Oh, how absolutely infuriating! I hope there’s enough ice cream in Kansas to distract you from further thoughts of revenge. Or at least to distract you long enough that you calm down enough to cover your tracks better.

  3. egretplume says:

    While perhaps you can’t appeal it, legally, you might have some success in asking for a waiver of the requirement in your special case. You might talk to the Dean of Students or the Poli Sci chairperson? I think the fact that they would tell you someething like this over email, which is outrageous, smacks of a certain shamefacedness on their part. You might consider telling them how upset you are and asking if they can do anything to help you.

  4. therealjae says:

    SO ANNOYING. God. I hate my profession sometimes.


  5. casapazzo says:

    Gah, that’s so fucking stupid! I have to think, as says, that there must be some way around it, through the Dean or the Dept. chair. The fact that the university takes no responsibility for what ITS adviser tells you is appalling.

  6. next_bold_move says:

    I would also like to offer you my condolences.

    And I would be happy to have custard with you tomorrow and console you!

  7. tmseay says:

    When I was getting ready to graduate from Georgia Tech, the registrar’s office removed a class from my transcript upon deciding that they had transferred it incorrectly from my old school, and then informed me just weeks before my graduation that I was short a math credit and couldn’t graduate. I managed to work it out in the end, but I know the blind rage and “irebombing.” So sorry you have to deal with this!

  8. starstraf says:

    Saturday morning 9:30 – boot camp class! that will get your kick boxing in


  9. starstraf says:

    Hey, I run into you everywhere

  10. simplelyric says:

    God, that’s ridiculous and sucky!

    Would you, if you wanted to do so, be able to take two classes to fulfill the requirement over the summer and at least attain the poli-sci degree at that point, in addition to the English degree you will have already attained?

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