The continuing chronicles of the exploding head

Joel Achenbach sums it all up brilliantly in a little blog piece that should serve as a warning:
“In any case I feel like George Will has invaded my emotional space. This column triggered a dangerous blood pressure spike, indigestion, cloudy vision, and a strange feeling that my tongue had become furry. I am thinking of filing an official grievance to the department here that handles Post-Traumatic George Will Column Disorder. Though I hear they’re understaffed.”

It’s all about his column today, “Have a Nice Day, Or Else,” which somehow narrows from calling Jane Fonda soft to saying that everyone who felt and/or expressed feelings of stress and trauma post-September 11, 2001 is basically feeble-minded and brain-washed by a culture of “therapism.”

There we go, that’s the BOOM of the week.

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2 Responses to The continuing chronicles of the exploding head

  1. egretplume says:

    That was a disgusting column on so many levels.
    I can’t thank you for pointing me to it, but I now share your pain.
    If that’s not too therapeutic a phrase for these courageous times.

  2. therealjae says:

    Oh, my god. What an asshole.


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