An insult to water, hahaha. Thanks, Ebert.

I was going to go see Melinda and Melinda tonight, because I’m in a movie mood, but it’s playing in the big theater at Liberty Hall, a theater space I try to avoid. So I was consulting Roger Ebert for advice on whether I should see something else instead and came across his review of A Lot Like Love. It includes this closing line: “To call ‘A Lot like Love’ dead in the water is an insult to water.” I take it he didn’t like it, heh heh heh. I have no intention of seeing the movie, but reading Ebert’s review was far more entertaining than any Ashton Kutcher film experience I’ve ever had.

I did see The Interpreter last night, and it was better than I expected. Mostly, I think this is due to Sean Penn, who keeps surprising me, and Sydney Pollack, who’s very good. So far, in theater total for 2005: 29 movies, kept track of here.

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