To Tiger or not to Tiger?

OK, fellow Mac dorks: Anyone know enough about Tiger to talk me either into or out of buying it for Herbie? The $69 offer, with free shipping, is tempting, but I don’t have any particular complaints with the version of OS X that I’m running (10.3.9, it says — does that have a fancy animal name? Jaguar, Panther, wha?).

I don’t know enough about the new features to really know what I’m missing, I guess.

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2 Responses to To Tiger or not to Tiger?

  1. starstraf says:

    UIUC campus recomends not upgrading to tiger, it dosen’t support VPN (virtual protocol network) that is required for wireless at UIUC (But it isnt’ required at KU for wireless access)

  2. kepkanation says:

    Thanks — that’s actually really helpful. I knew there were “cool” new features, but I didn’t know whether there were new limits.

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