On the grim prospect of my PS graduation

On Friday or Thursday afternoon, it occurred to me that the e-mail I’d sent to my trainee graduation counselor had never, after almost three weeks, been returned. So I finally sent out a volley of e-mail — actually one e-mail, volleyed to everyone on the list of previous contacts in political science advising I’d seen. It said, basically, You haven’t replied. I want to appeal this decision. Tell me what to do next. The implied line was: you ridiculous bastards.

Today, I get home from school, clean up my room a little, and then on a whim check my work (my ku.edu) e-mail. There’s an e-mail from the advisor who’s advising my trainee advisor (five times fast, go!) saying that my only chance to appeal is to get a written statement to her office by 5 p.m. today, along with a written statement from my poli sci advisor supporting my claims. She wrote half the e-mail in ALL CAPS. Not encouraging. So, I wrote up a nice, narrative letter, and then called my advisor. And here’s the kicker — he told me he had already e-mailed this woman (Ms. C-D) to say that he’d never heard of the requirement — the 9 hours in residence in the department — that is keeping me from graduating.

Here’s what this means. Upon transferring to KU, I went to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences office and was told that, unless I was a freshman or sophomore, all of my advising would be done through my department. I went to the top man in undergraduate advising in my department — the man whose job is to oversee all the other professors doing advising — and was told that I only needed one class to graduate. I have now had it confirmed that this is, to the best of his knowledge, still true. He thinks it may be some kind of CLAS rule — a rule that, perhaps, a CLAS advisor would know, but as there are no junior-senior level advisors in CLAS, there’s no possible way I could have or should have met with someone who would have known this rule.

Short story: For once, I think I did everything I was supposed to do, and I’m still probably going to be denied this degree.

Anyway, now I have his statement and mine saying, in effect, I never knew that this was required and was in fact told the opposite. It’s all in writing, it’s all in the right office, and now the whole question of whether I get a Poli Sci degree in addition to my English degree is in the hands of some nameless liberal arts committee.

I can’t imagine why I don’t feel optimistic.

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8 Responses to On the grim prospect of my PS graduation

  1. next_bold_move says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, love.

  2. kepkanation says:


    Movie Wednesday? Crash is at 1:20 and at 4:05 in the afternoon; either time works for me (no more Italian classes!).

  3. next_bold_move says:

    I’m afraid the homework and finals stuff is about to crash over my poor head. I’ll have to rain-check the movie, this time. 😦

  4. kepkanation says:

    No problem, I have recently been under a similar homework flood. There are many movies to see after you go on break (and when is that, by the way?).

  5. next_bold_move says:

    Same time as you all…I haven’t looked at my finals schedule, but I am almost certainly done by Thursday of next week.

  6. egretplume says:

    I hope it is not too late for your degree.
    If I were you, I would talk to a dean. Go to the dean of students or the dean of the college of liberal arts and sciences.
    Go over all-caps person’s head.

  7. starstraf says:

    Good luck!

  8. therealjae says:

    ARGH! So frustrating.


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