NO, REALLY, this is cool

Front page of The New York Times: “Who needs Giacomo? Bet on the Fortune Cookie.” The summary: 110 people won between $100,000-$500,000 each for getting 5/6 of the Powerball numbers right, because they all put down the numbers from a fortune cookie. “That’s ours,” said Derrick Wong, of Wonton Foods, when shown a picture of a winner’s cookie slip. “That’s very nice, 110 people won the lottery from the numbers.” The workers put numbers in a bowl and pick them. “We are not going to do the bowl anymore; we are going to have a computer,” Mr. Wong said. “It’s more efficient.”

Bwahahahaha. It’s a great story. The Powerball folks thought they’d been hacked, and then they had to investigate the source of the fortune cookies. When will I see this on “C.S.I.,” I wonder?

There’s nothing funny about the story where the father killed the two little girls, but I think the AP reporter could, possibly, have phrased this better:

Just last month, he was released from a Texas prison after serving time for an assault in 2001. He had argued with Laura’s mother, Sheila Hollabaugh, then grabbed a chain saw and chased neighbors until someone hit him in the back with a shovel, according to prosecutor Rick Mahler in Texas. No one was injured.

Except, perhaps, the guy hit with a shovel? And I have to wonder at what I would have thought if I’d looked out and seen a man running around with a chain saw while being chased by a brave, shovel-brandishing neighbor.

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9 Responses to NO, REALLY, this is cool

  1. next_bold_move says:

    I think perhaps that reporter forgot the rule about reading your work aloud to catch things like that.

  2. kepkanation says:

    Or she read it aloud and snickered a little bit, like I did, and the left it in.

    I heard today that Carnivale has been canceled. Is that new news?

  3. next_bold_move says:

    Well, I just looked around after reading this, and it seems to be true.

    What a fucking drag.

  4. valkyriemoon says:

    i saw that article! interesting, especially because I cant believe that many people actually look at the lucky numbers in the cookie….

  5. kepkanation says:

    It’d be interesting to know if they all had a habit of using fortune cookie numbers or if it was just an impulse. I wish they would have interviewed some of the winners. Ack! But who am I to suggest things to the NY Times.

    Also — you’re a frequent NYTimes reader, have you noticed that the woman who wrote this story (and has written several others recently) seems to have the middle initial “8”?

  6. valkyriemoon says:

    i hadnt! what an awesome middle initial… i wonder what it means? maybe there were 7 other “jennifer lee”s at the nytimes…

  7. kepkanation says:

    What really fascinates me — and shows what a dork I really am — is that it’s “8.” That makes it look like the 8 stands for something — like her middle name might be a number. Jennifer 8374 Lee.

    I’m so intrigued.

  8. valkyriemoon says:

    well, i think we’ve got an answer:

  9. kepkanation says:

    I’m changing my middle name to 5. Jennifer 5. Kepka. That is so cool.

    I love Wikipedia. Thanks for finding that!

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