So it ends on a mostly high note

I have a headache and it will not go away. And there are other problems. Blah. Today was not nearly as cool as it should have been. Among the highlights: I look like I was in a little fight. Swell.

HOWEVER. Really cool thing happened today. I had my last ever class (Studies in the Essay) as an undergraduate student. That’s cool but not the really cool part. At the beginning of class, this guy asked if I had a second to talk to him after class about his essay. I said sure. We’d critiqued the essay on Tuesday in class — and I’d made some notes on it, as I do on everything. So, class class class, evals, etc. We sat down outside of the classroom and he said that my comments were the only helpful comments he got from the class, and he wanted to ask me some question about how he might improve points of it. We talked for a a few minutes and looked over the essay, and I pointed out the parts I thought worked best. And then he said, “I think you’ll make a great teacher.”

This is just about the coolest thing that could have happened to cap this semester off. After working on critique after critique and writing up all of these notes on papers, I had basically come to believe that either no one was reading them or that the people who were reading them didn’t like them, use them, etc. So it’s really nice to see that work actually meant something to someone else. Also, it was a pretty good essay — really funny.

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3 Responses to So it ends on a mostly high note

  1. therealjae says:

    How cool!

    Do you want to be a great teacher?


  2. kepkanation says:

    I think so. Right now, the clearest path I can see for myself gstarts with going to grad school in 2006 for an MFA in Writing, and being a GTA along the way. If I like that and find it’s something I can do well, then I’d go the Ph.D. route and, with luck, get some kind of university gig down the line. But it’s a flexible plan.

  3. therealjae says:

    That sounds like a truly marvelous plan.

    There are some really amazing (and for other people, jealous-making) things about an academic life. I volunteer to remind you of them sometime if you need a carrot dangled. 🙂


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