I am: a bad test taker, a cell-phone user, and a little evil.

There are good test takers, and there are bad test takers. I am usually a good test taker — in fact, I usually excel in tests. I cram, I regurgitate, I essay, etc. Today, though, I hit page 6 of 7 on my Italian test and became a bad test taker. Brain empty and blank, eyes bulging, pencil shaking, etc. I could not remember how to conjugate the imperfetto indicativo or its congiuntivo cousin. Nothing. All the words were meshed up and horrible. Bah. The essay was OK. At least it’s over. OVER! One more final and then that’s the end.

Anderson Cooper is doing a 2-hour program with an hour dedicated to 9-1-1 services. I thought, at first, that it was going to be crappy super-scare TV, but it’s actually been pretty informative — things I already knew, but still good points. For instance, dialling 9-1-1- if you have an Internet-based telephone services probably won’t take you to a local emergency service (though I’ve heard that Sunflower’s broadband phone, locally, does actually route to local emergency services). Also, cell phones can’t necessarily be tracked by emergency services, etc.

In bad news for Florida and good news for my television viewing later in the year, it’s going to be an active hurricane season. Can’t wait to see Mr. Cooper out in the storms again. I wish it could happen without any destruction of property.

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