I have no one to blame but me.

Day 1 of Being Done With College* Forever.

I wish I could say I had spent it more, well, frivolously, but instead I woke up, had lunch with my sister, and went to work. Then I came home, where I finally succumbed to the heat and turned on the AC. My mom arrived around 6:30, I think, and she will be here until Wednesday. We ate tasty fastish food at Qdoba that reminded me of why I love eggplant, then had coffee at Borders and came home.

Tonight’s “C.S.I.” Season Finale managed to include two of my very worst fears. Three if you count “Quentin Tarantino directing television.” I may never sleep again. And yet, I could’ve turned it off or chosen to TiVo the finale of “The O.C.” instead.

Also in the worst fear department, had 15 minutes this evening where I thought I’d fried Herbie — literally. Last night, I let the battery run down until the computer shut itself off. Then I plugged it in, tucked it into its little storage place (among pillows and blankets on a rocking chair), and went to bed. Tonight I pulled him out and found the computer was blazing hot to the touch, and when I unplugged it a fan started whooshing air out the back. It smelled like a hair drier. I was certain I’d melted the whole thing, but, after sitting and cooling itself for a good ten minutes, it powered up with no problem. I then backed up everything on both computers and sprayed the entire place with fire-retardant foam. OK, that’s all true except the last thing.

Tomorrow, a celebration of Mom for her birthday, which is Saturday. Yay Mom!

*College, not University. Grad school ho!

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4 Responses to I have no one to blame but me.

  1. egretplume says:

    I just read that some of the ibooks have been recalled for overheating batteries:


    That has serial numbers affected, etc.

  2. kepkanation says:

    Hey, thanks — I hadn’t heard about that. I was close but not quite included in the group, which is good to know.

  3. bottlesnflowers says:

    Happy Belated Congratulations… or something like that.

  4. kepkanation says:


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