Two funny political bits for today.

Briefly cut myself off from Internet access tonight by trying to replace my cable modem. The new cable modem will require the downloading of other stuff in order to work — which is funny, really, and makes me glad I still have the old one around.

Two political/humorous suggestions for the entire world tonight: first, read and enjoy The Onion’s 300th Anniversary Edition, which is a future edition, all stories set in 2056. If you can turn up your sound, you are encouraged to do so. Second, tonight’s “Daily Show” really got five starts for commentary tonight — loved both the intro segments of news and the field piece by Stephen Colbert, and I liked the interview with Howard Dean. What I liked about it was that Jon Stewart asked exactly the questions to which I wanted answers; what I didn’t like (but expected) was that Howard Dean answered only about 30 percent of the questions and usually just spun off into “they’re wrong, we’re so right” territory.

Tomorrow is my last day at work.

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