New book — the highlight of a worthless day

Just in case anyone was feeling particularly cheerful today and wants a cure for that, I offer “Another Year of Living Misery in Baghdad,” from the front of Friday’s Washington Post.

Had another fairly wasteful day of doing close to nothing. I’m working (in the background) on the problem of housing; I have a big decision to make by 5 p.m. tomorrow (whether to sign for one place at its “special rate” or bet on something better appearing), and after that, things will get either quickly better or worse.

I spent some time at Borders tonight and managed to only walk away with the book I went in to get:The Long Road Home, a collection of the Doonesbury cartoons in which B.D. is injured in Iraq. I did read a fair slice of Eoin Colfer’s newest Artemis Fowl book, and I flipped through Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller (et al). I think I’m going to check out Batman: Year One from the library this week, if I can get to it before it gets checked out. I’m curious — this is curiosity fueled both by seeing the new movie and by the interview with the comic book collector last week.

Tomorrow is my first day (part-time) at the new job — starting at EIGHT! Yikes.

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One Response to New book — the highlight of a worthless day

  1. next_bold_move says:

    Best of luck at the new job!

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