The London agenda

I don’t have anything new to say about London; everyone I’ve read today has had something to say about it, and I’ve agreed with most of it. It’s sad, it’s shocking (or maybe it’s shocking in how not shocking it is). It couldn’t have come at a worse time: Blair finally gets the G8 to talk poverty and environment, and bam! Back to terrorism. I have to wonder if the strategists involved in these things are actually rooting for President Bush.

This was the first crisis in… forever that I’ve spent away from CNN. I woke up to the news, then listened to NPR on the way in and then did the live audio stream off their Web site at work to keep updated. I read the New York Times obsessively. And none of the people working near or around me really seemed to care.

One thing I’ve noticed today that definitely differs from 9/11 coverage: the attack has occurred in context; it’s automatically being added to an ongoing discussion, and in some places, an ongoing agenda. I listened to someone relate the news of the attack back to American immigration problems, and have read other bits and pieces where the discussion of the facts turns quickly to discussion of what this means politically. So I’ve found that fascinating.

In completely other news, I’m so tired that I just want to nap. But instead, I’m going to go out and find coffee and tap away on my computer for a while, so that I’ll go to bed at a decent time. AUGH. I don’t consider it a decent time, but… the time that is now demanded of me.

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