Trust the BBC

No matter what FOX News says, I trust the BBC news, if for no other
reason than because they put up stories like this: “Universe Too Queer To Grasp.” It’s from the TED
Global conference going on right now — TED = Technology, Entertainment,
and Design — and the whole conference is fascinating to me. The
concept of the conference is fascinating to me.

Here’s what I liked most, though. Someone capture my concerns about the
Live 8 and other current One campaign efforts in three neat

“The world is talking about global poverty and Africa in
ways I have never seen in my life,” [Developing world economist and
businesswoman Jacqueline Novogratz] said.

“At the same time I have a fear that the victories of G8 will see that
as our moral absolution. But that is chapter one; celebrate it, close it
and recognise we need a chapter two – a ‘how to’.

“The only way to end poverty is to build viable systems on the ground
that can deliver services to the poor in ways that are sustainable,” she

The other part of the story is mostly reflecting the opening address by
Oxford Professor/Scientist Richard Dawkins, in which he says that people
are living in a kind of “middle world.” “Middle world is the narrow
range of reality that we judge to be normal as opposed to the queerness
that we judge to be very small or very large.”

The most disturbing — or maybe relieving — idea in his speech is the
idea that there are things we may never understand or even approach
understanding, but that our brains have adapted so as to accommodate
these weirdnesses in the world. I find this fascinating for a couple of
reasons, not least among them that it’s news that we (as humans) should
be/are acknoledging the fact that we not only don’t know everything, we
may not be built to know everything.

And now the funny: He concluded with the thought that if he could
re-engineer his brain in any way he would make himself a genius
mathematician. He would also want to time travel to when dinosaurs
roamed the Earth.

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