Briefly, on movies come and gone

I think I may be missing some, but I think this is right.

#45. The Wedding Crashers, a movie that made me laugh near to tears in parts. It’s baldly offensive in many ways, but everyone I know who has seen it has loved it. And hey, even Barbara Bush went to see it (weird). Plus, oh yes, Owen Wilson. And the soundtrack is pretty good, too (thanks for mentioning it).

#46. March of the Penguins with Mom and . Aw. And sniffle. I enjoyed it. It reminded me of nature films from grade school, and also of going to the omnimax (which is what the IMAX Dome theater used to be called at the Cosmosphere) when I was a kid.

#47. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Eh. My big thought upon leaving this film was that I wish they would’ve held back on making the Harry Potter films until Freddie Highmore was old enough to play Harry Potter — because, though I think Daniel Radcliffe is the spitting image of the Harry Potter in my head, Highmore is an amazing young actor. And he would’ve done that role beautifully. I think the Potter films won’t age well, as a side note. As for Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I agree with all the reviews that said mostly the film was cool and funny and weird but I could’ve done without the backstory (and it’s hard to say that about a story that brings Christopher Lee in, but… it’s true).

#48. Broken Flowers. Mmm, Bill Murray and Jim Jarmusch. Long expanses of silence, just straight-on focuses on Bill Murray’s face. It is such a quiet movie. There’s lots of blankness to it, and I really liked that aspect. Things move both too slowly and too quickly — in the end it’s all jumbled and it just feels like life. That’s the best thing I can say for it. I will probably need to see this movie again.

#49. Ladies in Lavender. Dame Maggie Smith! Something I will tell my children (or the children around me): Maggie Smith was famous, and for good reason, long before she put on a pointy green hat and got called Professor McGonagall! This is also a quiet film, but in a much different way than Broken Flowers. It has both an easier and a harder conclusion; like Broken Flowers, it has love and the history of love and the footprints it (or the lack of it) can leave on life. There’s a moment at the end when Judi Dench’s character and Maggie Smith’s character, sisters, are sitting side by side. And I realized only then that Judi Dench was actually the star of the movie, with the biggest part and the most action centered around her, but she’d done everything so well that I had actually forgotten that she’s Judi Dench and she’s sharp and brilliant, and I’d seen only her naive character throughout. Really, really well done. Of particular note: the story is about two women who rescue a boy (Andrea) from the sea. The boy is played by Daniel Brühl, who was the lead (Alex) in Good Bye Lenin! as well; there is a girl in the village played by Natascha McElhone. tells me I’ve probably only seen her in Mrs. Dalloway and The Truman Show, and I believe it, but she looks very familiar and, based just on these three viewings, would probably make my Top 5 list of most beautiful actresses currently working in Hollywood.

So, three more films and I’m at the 52 mark for the year. I’m not sure what the next three will be: and I have talked about seeing Four Brothers soon, and since I’ll be up and around KC next weekend, I might sneak off to Hustle and Flow. If I need a mid-week movie pick-me-up, though, I might stumble in to see Sky High or Mad Hot Ballroom in town. Next week will bring The Forty Year-Old Virgin and also Red-Eye, which I want to see basically because of Cillian Murphy and the promise of political intrigue… and the movies will *really* start getting better in October. The trailer for Elizabethtown continues to get my hopes up.

I think tomorrow is going to bring an Everest-sized mound of paperwork to me at work, but sometime soon, I’m going to update for the third and probably final time, this year, my list of movies to see.

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5 Responses to Briefly, on movies come and gone

  1. webcowgirl says:

    OH, man, you make me look like SUCH a slacker!

  2. next_bold_move says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Broken Flowers with you, if you go again. Is it coming to Lawrence?

  3. kepkanation says:

    Broken Flowers is at Liberty Hall for a while, it seems. If you want to go sometime next week or the next, I’d be up for a repeat viewing.

  4. kepkanation says:

    Ah, but I think in terms of quality, you’ve got me beat.

  5. next_bold_move says:

    I know that’s one that Greg really wants to see. I’ll let you know when we get back to KS.

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