The Political Funeral

The death of former British foreign secretary Robin Cook, who was not only an interesting figure but a man with a great name (*), made me a bit sad a while back. Today, reading of Mo Mowlam‘s death, I came across a piece about his funeral. Whoa. It’s like something out of a Tom Clancy novel (and now let me explain that: Clancy is adept at action and adventure and military intrigue, but when he plays with politics, it gets ugly and overdramatic fast). A “racing pundit” charging the prime minister with snubbing Cook during his euology? Guh. Very interesting all around.

and and I talked about Tony Blair the other week over dinner, because I had listed Blair in my top 5 politicians and Greg put him in his lowest five. I think sometimes Blair exists on both lists for me — wherever he lands, he’s a warning.

* I have a theory that, perhaps, Tony Blair surrounds himself with ministers simply by picking out the coolest names. Jack Straw! John Prescott! Alastair Darling!

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