Accomplishments, such as they are

Lest I look back and think, wow, those days were just an un-ending suckhole of time wasted doing nothing, here is what I’ve accomplished today:

1). Paid cable bill.

2). Installed new cable modem, so I won’t have to key paying to rent it.

3). Moved new table into place in living room (yesterday, I moved two bookcases and the World’s Heaviest Couch and the TV and its new cabinet. Now all that’s left is to dismantle the coffee table and end table and find homes for all the crap that’s living on both of them).

4). Sewed a window pillow.

5). Having started it yesterday, watched the last 3/5 of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring for a record-breaking 4.9 millionth time, but possibly for the first time this year.

6). Put in request for a half-day for next Wednesday, to meet up with my two full days off (Thursday and Friday), so that I can go first to Rehoboth Beach, then to PITTSBURGH for the U2 concert.

7). Requested recommendation letter from former instructor for grad school apps (OK, I did that yesterday, but I need to pad the list).

Ian McKellan’s Gandalf, on the bridge in the Mines of Moria, is the definition of fierce. “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” And somehow, between viewings, I forget what a good job Elijah Wood did in these movies. OK, everyone, really. And there are so many good projects coming up from LOTR alumni: Hooligans, which I’ve wanted to see for-EVER; Everything is Illuminated, which I am somehow reluctant to see even though I crave the chance to use it as a guide to the book; Elizabethtown, of course; Sean Bean in North Country, which looks to be Monster meets Erin Brokovich

Anyway, yes. That’s today. Yay. What new devilry is this?

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3 Responses to Accomplishments, such as they are

  1. ellenneithernor says:

    “Everything is Illuminated” the movie only covers about a third of the book of the same name. I still thought it was a great movie, but you really ought to read the book (at some point, if not beforehand).

  2. kepkanation says:

    I read the book about two years ago, so I’m not sure I remember it correctly. But I’m curious to see how any part of it is transferred to film.

  3. casapazzo says:

    PITTSBURGH for the U2 concert

    *cries* *is fiercely jealous*

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