Jon Stewart: On fire

Tonight on “The Daily Show”: Bill Kristol, the great satanEditor-in-chief of The Weekly Standard. My favorite, favorite, favorite moment:

Stewart: You guys have been waiting for this moment for a while. The House, the Senate, the Judicial Branch, the Executive. This is the guy to do it, a tried and true loyalist, friends, he’s tough, he’s a leader, he’s going to make it happen. But it turns out, he’s not so competent. And that’s such an Achilles’ Heel.
Kristol: Well, well, we’ll wait and see.
Stewart: I’ve been seeing for five years now! I’m tired of seeing.
Kristol: He’s been a good president. Can I make that point?
Stewart: Yes. Now, so, in what area?

And the guy just had no answer. Oh, beautiful. There are three things happening right now, threatening to take The Man down a notch or two, and seriously, it’s just like Christmas in my little political brain.

The interview goes on to be even better. It’s Stewart at his interviewing best, totally bullying his guest with questions that people can’t ask — and certainly won’t answer — on serious news programs. It should be available for download/viewing at tomorrow, or possibly up at tomorrow morning.

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One Response to Jon Stewart: On fire

  1. casapazzo says:

    That’s so awesome. I love that man. I’ll have to go watch that — and the Rock from last week with the BFG.

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