New music, Tuesday (belated)

I bought a new CD (through iTunes) yesterday. Here’s the path to buying it: I picked up a book, one of about five that I’m halfway through, and paged through. A bookmark fell out, and on it I had written some lyrics that I’d heard while out somewhere, reading. I’d recognized Thom Yorke’s voice. So I searched “lyrics” + “that’s a strange mistake to make” and turned up Radiohead, “Life in a Glass house.” Then I went hunting for the song at the iTunes store. Of course, iTunes carries no Radiohead… except for one song, “I want nothing.” Followed that link. Turns out it’s part of a 22-song compilation CD released in the UK called Help: A Day in the Life. It supports the War Child cause, in some way, though I’m a little foggy on exactly how.

Anyway, new CD! Radiohead, Damien Rice, Elbow, Keane (singing “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”!!), Coldplay, hm, others that are wildly entertaining to me (“Gone Are the Days” by The Magic Numbers” is particularly fun). And tomorrow, it’s all going to work with me.

Other notes of the day: dropped off all of my recommendation “packets.” Yay. All transcripts have been requested. And I have the start of my “statement of purpose.” First deadline is December 20, so, let’s start a countdown to that: 40 days.

I’m not sure the countdown is going to be comforting.

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One Response to New music, Tuesday (belated)

  1. simplelyric says:

    If you’d still like “Life in a Glass House,” there you go.

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