Good fall, bad fall

Today! Today, what a day. Went to the library and pecked away at this story that’s been dragging, dragging, dragging since I started it. It’s one of three “desperation” stories, all ideas started within the last month or so for grad school, all in varying states of not being done. I “finished” the story while at the library, which is to say I found it a place to stop. But it didn’t read like it was done, so I printed it out and took it out to lunch at Papa Keno’s pizza (lucky story, it even got a bread stick).

And there I found it! Found what was messed up with it, moved the middle to the beginning and fixed the ending and found a good theme to thread through it. It was an extremely critical and clinical lunch that the story and I had, but we were both better for it when we left. From there I went to the nearest coffee shop and transferred all of the edits to computer, then packed the computer away and started toward home.

It may have been the dance of victory I was composing in my head that tripped me up, because I managed somehow to trip over a crack in the sidewalk just outside The Grenada. I skinned my knee and smashed my leftover pizza in the fall, and my backpack, with the computer in it, somehow got flung from my shoulder onto the ground a few feet in front of me. I think the computer is OK. It’s up and running right now, and though the battery seems to be a little crooked in its home, everything is running smoothly, the screen is unmarked, the memory is intact, no new scratches or gashes. I’m downloading the latest version of .mac backup at the moment and committing everything to disc and to the big computer. Apparently I should’ve bought the computer a breadstick or at least a cookie. I had no idea it was getting ready to jump.

Two stories done or close to it! Today makes up for yesterday, even with the fall (ask me again when I’m sore and cranky tomorrow). Funny story: the working title, abandoned as of RIGHT NOW, for today’s finished story? Fall. Oh yeah, I’ve got freakin’ ESP. Woo!

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10 Responses to Good fall, bad fall

  1. drenilop says:

    LOL you crack me up… Is this the story with the desperate political scientist?

  2. kepkanation says:

    It is! But you’ll be sad to hear, she meets a tragic end. :-/ Hey, what’s a political science research word that wouldn’t be widely known or understood? If someone opened a textbook like the ones you gave me the titles of and ran across a word she didn’t understand, what might it be? My political science classes were all so long ago that I haven’t come up with anything good.

  3. starstraf says:

    Bad herbie — maybe he was trying for some of that stunt work

  4. drenilop says:

    heteroskedasticity springs to mind. meta-theoretical; social constructivism and intersubjective constituent norms….the latter pair would not appear in any of the books I gave you but are quite possible.

    Tragic ends are, alas, all too common. Is it defenstration from the top floor of the graduate library, or stabbing oneself in the eye with a graduation mortarboard?

  5. kepkanation says:

    Though both of those would’ve been excellent options, it’s the fatal flaw of walking in the street after dark wearing all black. Though the library thing, I might have to put that in another story. 😉

    Thanks for the words, I think intersubjective constituent norms is going to work out well. What *is* heteroskedasticity?

  6. kepkanation says:

    That could be true — maybe someone told him that the real Herbie got to work with Lindsay Lohan and he got jealous? It’s troubling either way.

    Are you feeling better? Is there lunch in our future?

  7. drenilop says:

    Heteroskedasticity is a stats term. Regression (ordinary regression) assumes that cases are independent of each other – this means that their error terms, the part of the case’s outcome that our independent variables can’t explain, are also independent. This is also known as homoskedastistic. A dataset with heteroskedastistic errors has cases that are not independent — say, a time-series dataset on US college enrollment over 30 years. Things that made enrollment bigger in 1971 than we would have predicted (i.e., were being picked up in the error term for 1971) probably also affected enrollment in 1972. So the error terms are related; they’re not independent. We have to do statistical things to fix this or else our estimates are not reliable.

    That was probably a lot more than you were looking for. LOL

  8. starstraf says:

    I am better – I’m actually at work
    Could do lunch tuesday – and drop pooch off afters, or thrusday

    which is better for you?

  9. kepkanation says:

    Tuesday would be better for me — can go anytime, so long as I’m back by 1.

  10. starstraf says:

    Pooch’s meeting is now 10 – 11 so I’ll give a call when he is done

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