Oh happy day!

We just had word from my grandmother’s doctor: she is, after about two monts of treatments, cancer-free again. Hurrah! I am relieved, literally, beyond words. So I will move now to something else.

It is snowing outside, not blizzardy snow but enough that everything is well-covered and the stairs that were swept at 10:30 were covered again completely when I left for lunch an hour later. Some of the rural schools have canceled for the day, but KU will never give in, never give up. I believe our school motto, if it was translated from Latin, is “Are You Dead? Then Get to Class.” We cancel for no one.

The bad part of the snow is the driving part. I consider myself to be a pretty good winter driver. I thoroughly clean off my car before driving, I signal, I am cautious but not so slow as to cause an impediment to the normal flow of traffic. I remember not to pump my brakes and I know to turn in the direction of skidding. Etc. etc. However, I am faced with a problem this winter. Two things have failed on my car almost simultaneously, just as my student loan payments have come due. Therefore, one will be fixed well before the other. I need new tires, badly, and I need a working heater. I am leaning toward the purchase of tires before checking into the heat, but I can’t get over the idea that driving home two and possibly three weekends in a row at the end of the month is going to suck without a working heater.

Maybe the heat will heal itself?

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4 Responses to Oh happy day!

  1. next_bold_move says:

    I’m so glad to hear about your grandmother! Hurrah!

    The car problems (boo! hiss!) I have no good advice for. Broken things are a drag.

    I hear Cuddle Duds long underwear is good thing.

  2. kepkanation says:

    I’ve heard of the cuddle duds before. I may have to invest. Really I just need better socks, I think.

  3. minnaleigh says:

    If it’s your feet that are the problem, can you buy those hot pack things to put in your shoes? I bought some last year at REI and they are surprisingly cheap!

    Also, great news about your grandmother!

  4. kepkanation says:

    I will have to look into those promptly. It’s at work where my feet get cold, because of our dratted concrete floors.

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