Pride and Prejudice! Tea and toast!

It’s a toast and tea night if ever there was a toast and tea night. I have a lovely green mug to drink my tea from — it’s the single loveliest piece of drinkware that I own, its cream-colored brother and matching saucer coming in second and third. New mugs and saucer courtesy of my mother, as a little gift at Thanksgiving. I give thanks for my mother.

Tonight I also give thanks for the new adaptation of [#68] Pride and Prejudice. I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would, and I thought I would like it. It’s made me want to come home and read all of my Jane Austen again (of course). Ohh, Mr. Darcy! Keira Knightley was pleasantly subdued for the role — not uglified but made plain enough that she was believably the less attractive of the two older sisters. I admit, my reaction to the previews of this movie was somthing along the lines of, “Do they need a Keira Knightley ‘I can be a serious actress!’ vehicle so badly?” But no, this was a good movie. I managed to forget that being a KK vehicle was, perhaps, part of its purpose and just get swept up in the story and the gushy wonder of it all. My criticisms for the director are slim, other than that he was a bit too in love with an effect that made the whole screen look like a flickering candle. Cute once, three times, no. Other than that, the long lingering shots of the countryside felt long, but then again, they should have — that’s Jane Austen. She lingers on the details.

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