Still to see in 2005…

A while back, I did a movies-to-see 2005 list, parts 1 and 2. Here’s part 3, inspired by the announcement of the Golden Globe nominees this morning (poll on this to follow, I think). This time, I’ll give little brief reasons for “why.”

Brokeback Mountain, which is probably my #1 want-to-see at the moment, and which I am beginning to despair of ever seeing. It’s in limited release starting next weekend, and expands wider in the weeks after that… surely the recent award nominations will get it pushed into more theaters more quickly. Right? Right?

Munich Daniel Craig! Eric Bana! Steven Spielberg! I’m going to be so fucking depressed by this movie.

Transamerica Felicity Huffman! I have yet to read a bad review of her performance.

King Kong Still going with “people as the reason for seeing a movie”: Peter Jackson!

Rumor Has It Though the cast is convincing — Shirley McClaine and Kevin Costner, in particular (I know, insert Kevin Costner jokes here, but then remember — I may actually be a William Shatner fan) — it’s the story that makes me want to go. It’s THE GRADUATE: THE SEQUEL.

The Family Stone I have been sold on this movie by seeing the same trailer for it 800 times, and every time, I laugh when they put up Luke Wilson’s name while he’s being handed a beer.

Mrs. Henderson Presents Dame Judi Dench!

Memoirs of a Geisha I did read the book, it was a long time ago, and now I must trust in Rob Marshall, who made me like Chicago when I didn’t think I would.

Match Point Uh. Dark and stalkery Woody Allen movie? Without Woody Allen in it? I need to see this movie just because the Woody Allen attachment is causing such cognitive dissonance.

And I could be swayed to see, or would see if I could find:
The Producers
The White Countess
The Matador

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15 Responses to Still to see in 2005…

  1. phillyexpat says:

    The Matador is carrying an NC-17 right now, so my guess is that it will get less screens . . .

  2. next_bold_move says:

    I want to see almost all of these, so count me in.

  3. casapazzo says:

    If the award noms don’t get Brokeback onto more screens, the enomorous amount of bank it’s making probably will. It made more per-screen in its opening weekend than any other drama this year.

    Although, even here in DC, it’s still only playing at Dupont Circle. Which is stupid. It would make so much money in Georgetown.

  4. phillyexpat says:


    Next weekend, Focus rolls Brokeback Mountain out to around 60 theaters, including 20 new markets like Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Denver and Washington, D.C.

    Give it time. The more buzz it builds, the more money it will make when it finally goes wide. The strategy worked really well for Million Dollar Baby and The Crying Game.

    The other thing is that the theaters typically, with the exception of massive blockbusters, don’t finalize showtimes until Wednesday, so it might be on more screens by then.

  5. kepkanation says:

    I just had my hopes up for an earlier viewing for this movie, not thinking it would be of the slow-roll out variety. So the prospect of waiting until January is not happy-making.

    But it’s not as though I’ve got nothing to see before then.

  6. kepkanation says:

    I’m taking a week off sometime around Christmas, and there will be much movie viewing during that time. I will tag you when I go.

    Out of curiosity — what don’t you want to see?

  7. kepkanation says:

    NC-17 Pierce Brosnan movie? I’m so there. What’s the rating for?

  8. next_bold_move says:

    I’m iffy on Mrs. Henderson Presents, and Match Point. Not opposed…just, they’re low priorities, I suppose.

  9. kepkanation says:

    I think they’ll both be Liberty Hall shows at some point. At least I hope they will, though Liberty Hall has been letting me down a little on movies recently (though I forgive them, obviously they’ve been distracted).

  10. next_bold_move says:

    If they’re after the glut, I might be amenable. But the big priorities must come first…

  11. phillyexpat says:

    “Aberrant sexuality.” I haven’t heard anything specific . . .

  12. phillyexpat says:

    Maybe it will accelerate, thanks to the massive awards rush . . .

  13. starstraf says:

    bareback – is gathering folks to see this once in wider distribution. I would go see
    Transamerica – I will travel to see this
    King kong – YES
    Rumor has it – I would go see
    memoirs of a geisha – Yes I want to see this!

  14. adriang says:

    but then remember — I may actually be a William Shatner fan
    I’m not really a William Shatner fan, but I think what a lot of William Shatner critics don’t understand is that, back in the late Sixties, ALMOST EVERYTHING on television was over-acted. Producers thought their audience was completely stupid and would never understand anything unless the actors beat the audience over the head with it. Today, actors can be more subtle, even on TV, but back then, Shatner would not have been allowed to be subtle.


  15. kepkanation says:

    Mostly I’m a Shatner fan because he seems to have made a career both from and in spite of those performances. There’s a great line or two in a recent Christopher Plummer interview (he and Shatner were in a Shakespeare company in Canada together) saying about the same thing you said — that he’s actually a good actor but the television atmosphere at the time didn’t celebrate good acting; it wanted BIG acting. So it’s funny to see that he gets a good deal of work and note now making fun of his past performances (naming his CD “Has Been,” for instance).

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