Whoa: John Spencer

“‘West Wing’ Actor John Spencer Dies at 58,'” via the AP at nytimes.com or without login at Yahoo!. That is really hard to believe. I haven’t watched “The West Wing” in years, now, but I always enjoyed John Spencer as Leo. Fifty-eight seems rather young (younger, for instance, than my dad), and so it just seems… out of nowhere. Very sad news.

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3 Responses to Whoa: John Spencer

  1. phillyexpat says:

    Younger than my Dad too. It’s shocking, and so sad.

  2. simplelyric says:

    I’ll echo the previous comment, that the news is both shocking and sad. I’ve still been watching TWW, albeit half-heartedly, and knowing that we’ll probably see several more new episodes in which Spencer continues to appear alive and well . . . =(

  3. next_bold_move says:

    That’s incredibly sad, and furthers my theory that no one gets sick and dies anymore…they just die.

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