A rare day of speechiness

There’s actually a lot I’d like to record about today. First, and foremost, I am DONE with my grad school applications. I will mail out Oregon on my way home tonight and then all will be finished. I’m a little worried that the packages I mailed Monday night from the post office aren’t showing up under their tracking numbers (those that I mailed Tuesday are, strangely), but… maybe they’ll be on the radar by tomorrow. They’re all priority mail and delivery confirmation stamped, and the machine predicted a Wednesday or Thursday arrival time for most. So. Fingers crossed there; many are due to arrive before Sunday.

I’ve realized I’ve really been picturing only two scenarios for grad school, both equally unlikely: a return to the D.C. area (via acceptance at either the University of Maryland or John Hopkins) or life in Austin, Texas. I’ve been keeping pretty close track of these applications here (well, compared to the kind of notes I’ve been keeping on anything else in my life), and it’s going to be hard for me to admit defeat in March-April on many of them. To ease that future pain, I’ll make a list of the places here to which I’ve applied, and then come back and mark them off with the results. Maybe I’ll link to the list later, maybe I won’t.

In clockwise geographical order:
Syracuse University
University of Maryland – College Park
Johns Hopkins University
University of Alabama
University of Arkansas Provisional Acceptance received 3/8/06
University of Texas-Austin Michener Center for Writers
University of Oregon
University of Iowa
University of Indiana – Bloomington

I have spent a fair fraction of my afternoon looking at shoes online. I need shoes for the wedding, yes, but also shoes for life. I keep thinking that I need to buy some serious shoes, “grown-up” type work day shoes, but… I’m getting away with tennis shoes at work here, and even if I get in nowhere, I won’t need professional style shoes for anything in the future. And yet I kind of want some. Multiple problems with this: 1). I have large (size 12) feet. 2). My feet are total babies. I have coddled them (tennis shoe day. Birkenstock day. Tennis shoe day. etc.) and do not feel a need to build a tolerance to any kind of uncomfortable footwear for the sake of fashion. 3). I am picky, but also have no sense of fashion. So I’ve been paging through Zappos for shoes that both my Inner Professional and my Inner Couch Potato can agree there would be worth in owning.

I know that a few of you are true shoe connoisseurs. What brands do you recommend that might offer that beautiful blend of comfort and style, and that might also be useful in a wardrobe that has very few “dress up” outfits?

However this ends, I need to replace my beloved gray Nikes (with the Spider-man shoelaces) soon. They have served me well for far too long, and the heel lining is long gone and sometimes uncomfortable.

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10 Responses to A rare day of speechiness

  1. next_bold_move says:

    My great love when it comes to dressy, grown up shoes is Franco Sarto, which is carried by Zappos, and has the added bonus of being really comfortable. It’s not a given that grown-up shoes have to scuttle your commitment to coddling your feet.

    Look at these:

    I also thought there were cute things here:

    I’m happy to help you shop online or in real life.

  2. phillyexpat says:

    First of all, congrats on the grad school apps being done!

    As for shoes, brands I’ve found that are both comfortable and fashionable are Nine West, Franco Sarto, Kenneth Cole (including Reaction and Unlisted), and Bandolino. A little more trendy, but fairly comfy, is Steve Madden. Zappos should have good deals on all of the above. I’m not sure what their size range is, but I believe Steve Madden goes to a 12.

    My assistant, who is a size 11, swears by Fredericks of Hollywood, but she lives in stilettos.

  3. drenilop says:

    I go the opposite approach. I refuse to spend much on shoes because I beat the shit out of them too fast. I get Wal-Mart’s FANFARES brand or Payless’s store brand or KMart’s White Stag brand. For $10-12 I don’t feel bad wearing them a handful of times and then throwing them out. They’ve been more than reasonably comfortable, especially once I learned that my knees hurt when I wore heels not because of the heels but because I needed more arch support and added inserts. If you have no expectation of needing to wear them much, and for the wedding you only need to keep them on through the ceremony, then I’d go for cheapies.

  4. ellenneithernor says:

    I’ll echo the Kenneth Cole endorsement listed below (the Reaction shoes are mostly very affordable and also quite comfortable). As far as comfort goes, I pretty much swear by my Dansko clogs even though a lot of people find them quite dorky. They’re just so comfortable and I think they’re stylish too.

    Anyway, these are a bit pricey but I tried a pair on and they are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever tried. I should have bought them on the spot!

  5. webcowgirl says:

    Good brands: Stonefly, Dansko, Josef Siebel, Finn Comfort. Good place to buy them: Sierra Trading Post (which also has many other good brands), because their prices can’t be beat.

    As someone who’s had to tromp all over Europe, up staircases and down cobblestone streets and to the top of churh spires, having good, comfortable shoes has really been a priority to me. Feel free to ask me any questions.

  6. kepkanation says:

    Wow, Sierra Trading Post — that is an excellent site. Now to find things in my size!

  7. kepkanation says:

    I’ve been considering some Dansko clogs myself — I can live with dorky if they’re comfortable. Good to hear an endorsement.

  8. kepkanation says:

    Ah, but I can’t find shoes at Wal-Mart — they don’t carry my size. I have been a Payless girl in the past, though.

  9. kepkanation says:

    Heh heh, I’m trying to picture myself in Fredericks of Hollywood stilettos, and if the heel didn’t make me fall over, the laughter certainly would.

    I will have to comb through the Zappos crowd and test some of these brands! Good suggestions, thanks!

  10. kepkanation says:

    Oo, several cute things in those pages. Thanks! I will most likely draft you for shoe showing/shopping as the year progresses.

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