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I’ve been keeping myself entertained with a variety of bizarre links this morning, and I feel like sharing.

Gallery of the Absurd had a very amusing Tom Cruise valentine (Be Mine — ALL MINE!) up. Its Britney Spears Cheeto Endorsement was also pretty snicker-worthy, though also a little gross.

I always thought Lloyd Grove was an older, more sedate man. But Details, in brief article on name-dropping, would prove me wrong: “I do it because I have a small penis,” jokes New York Daily News gossip columnist Lloyd Grove, who prefers to save his name-dropping for times when there is “a quick payoff, like the possibility of sex.”
Also: When did Lloyd Grove leave The Post?

The Dick Cheney theories just abound and swirl. At first glance, his interview on FOX seemed like it might end everything — Cheney being contrite is certainly more shocking than Cheney shooting someone. And the White House/Cheney house must be given credit for a few things — everyone’s talking about “buckshot” instead of a “bullet” or “cartridge,” which really does make it sound like Whittington was on the wrong end of a sandstorm instead of a shotgun. Any time the story can be returned to the “human” element — the idea that it was an accident, that a 78-year-old man is in a hospital — then the humor fades out and it’s not so much fun to talk about or beat Cheney with (though the get ’em, Harry poster is pretty funny). The FOX interview seems to have had this goal in mind, so welcome back to the Rovian fold, Mr. Cheney. But the delay! The delay gets to be an unapologetic story in and of itself! It’s a little bit comforting to see the Republicans bungling a story just as deftly as the Democrats usually do. Little theories about the delay in reporting keep popping up. One that I had missed before: Was he drinking beforehand, and how much?

A final Kansas note: The Planned Parenthood Action Network sent out an advisory e-mail about House Bill 2829, which is a “Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers” bill. The text of the legislation is available at the Legislature Web site in .pdf format. I read through it, and it looks pretty dull, just a regular safety of surgery type bill… until page 4, which says that the Secretary of the Department of Health and Environment must start conducting unannounced inspections of facilities/clinics performing abortions. If you’re interested in sending a letter to your legislator, the Planned Parenthood KS/MOsite provides information (phone numbers, e-mail contacts, mailing addresses).

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