Universe, why?

I was having such a good day!  The weather is gorgeous.  I had lunch outside.  I took my laptop out for a spin in its new little bag.  I decided to stop by the Engineering library and pick up my reserved books — and they had even held one past its return date for me!  Things were great.

Except there was this little Honda-ish car parked behind me, illegally, perpendicular to my car, and when I was trying to back out, I hit it.  Very slowly.  But still, I hit it.  I left a note on the car, but then the owner came out.  And though there were bits of paint from my bumper on his hubcap, and a tiny dent-like thing on his fender (about an inch, and not visible except from a close angle), he said he didn’t think there was any damage and that he probably wouldn’t call me.  But we traded phone numbers, and now I’m just waiting for him to discover that his tire is going to fall off and the entire back side of his car is broken.

Bleh.  I have called my father, because I’m still on the family insurance plan, to find out what to do.  Anyone?  Advice?  Should I call my insurance company and give them a heads-up, or should I wait to see if the guy calls about his half-car?

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2 Responses to Universe, why?

  1. starstraf says:

    i would wait and see if he calls

  2. kepkanation says:

    That is my strategy so far.

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