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I’ve just read a lengthy interview on That’s news enough, but it was fascinating. Lots of sports metaphors, yep, but also some interesting talk about writing. And it’s finally convinced me I should read Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink.” So, I recommend, for sports fans and non-fans alike, “Curious Guy: Malcolm Gladwell” as interviewed by Bill Simmons.

It starts well: Simmons: When I started reading you back in the mid-’90s, I remember being discouraged because you made writing seem so easy — technically, you were almost flawless, and since I knew I couldn’t write that well, you were one of those visible writers who made me feel like I was going to be bartending my whole life. You never waste a word. You come up with cool arguments and angles for your pieces, then you systematically prove/dismantle those same arguments and angles, and you do it in an entertaining, thoughtful, logical way. You never allow your biases to get in the way. You’re better at writing than me in every way. Basically, I hate you.

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8 Responses to Article rec

  1. phillyexpat says:

    I really want to read Blink also. Did you hear they’re making it into a movie? IMDB link. Stephen Gaghan is writing and directing-I just hope it’s better than Syriana. Leo’s attached.

  2. kepkanation says:

    I had heard of the movie — seems like an interesting concept to try and transfer to the screen. DiCaprio seems like an uncertain bet, though, particularly recently. I think he’d be good in it — I think he’s actually a good actor, but with yards and yards of baggage to get through — but I bet he backs out once some of the starry luster of Gaghan from Syriana’s popularity wears down.

  3. phillyexpat says:

    Really? I can’t wait to see how he does in Infernal Affairs. I adore him.

  4. kepkanation says:

    I really, really do believe he’s a good actor, but I think he often has more challenges than most, as his first goal in every film is always to make people forget that he’s Leonardo DiCaprio. The same argument could be made for anyone who was dramatically, drastically famous when they were younger and knwon best among a primarily teen-girl audience (Brad Pitt?), but there aren’t that many actors who refuse to go quietly into the dark night of Being Too Famous to Take On Roles That Require Chops.

    I do think that he will eventually be the one who wins Martin Scorcese his Oscar.

  5. phillyexpat says:

    I can’t recall if DiCaprio is a method actor or not-I believe he is. Method actors can be a nightmare for directors who aren’t equipped to deal with them. Scorsese certainly is. I think they work brilliantly together.

  6. gotmce99 says:

    If you’re reading, I would read anything Mechelle Voepel writes about women’s bball. She’s also a sports writer for the Kansas City Star – another reason to read.

    I know her AND she’s an amazing writer (I also loved her coverage of the Olympics — she was the least hyperbolic, most sound, analytical, thoughtful writer I read).

  7. kepkanation says:

    I’m very interested to see the DiCaprio/Scorsese Teddy Roosevelt picture.

  8. kepkanation says:

    Kansas City! Well, now I just must read her.

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