Who wants pancakes?

I just got an e-mail from amazon.com saying my neat “everyday pan” is on its happy little way. Hurrah! New cooking gadgetry! I’m already considering naming my big serious pans (this will make a total of two), but I’m afraid then I’d have to name the rest and then, yep, I’d be officially crazy. Plus it would make it harder to get rid of the old ones.

In honor of this new arrival, a small cooking post. I have a nice collection of food waiting for me at home right now. Over the weekend, I made buttermilk pancake batter from an online recipe (Truck Stop Buttermilk Pancakes). I cut the recipe down to the 4.8 serving size (which takes exactly 2 eggs) and still have gobs and gobs of batter sitting in my fridge and freezer. Pretty good pancakes, except that I am less a fan of the heavy, eggy pancake (a la Perkins, in my mind) than the flat, light pancake (a la IHOP). I will try this recipe again, though, and perhaps use only egg whites to see if that lightens things up. If anyone in town wants a bit of pre-made pancake batter, by the way, just let me know. Free delivery — I’ll never eat it all myself.

I also fried plantains yesterday, which has left my house smelling like, well, frying. I didn’t exactly deep fry them, but there was oil and sizzling and they were very good hot and not so great re-warmed. I looked around to find any kind of recipe that doesn’t call for at least an inch of oil, but couldn’t find anything (save one that suggested slitting open a green plantain, stuffing it with brown sugar, cloves, and cinammon, and then sticking it in the oven — a prospect that made me shudder, as my cookie sheet doesn’t fit in the dishwasher), so I just eyeballed what seemed like the oily minimum. Not a bad treat for the $1 the thing cost me — though that was about 2 weeks ago, when I bought it in a partly-brown state, thinking it would ripen (blacken) up quickly. Not so, not so.

I’ve also discovered some new food favorites, namely frozen baby sweet peas and the Morningstar Farms veggie patties. It’s important to note that these last are not burger-replicas (bleck) but actual patties of pressed vegetables. You can taste the veggies in each bite, which is exactly what I want. Today for lunch I had a nice veggie patty sandwich with a little bbq sauce and Alexia brand hash browns. biodiesel to fuel their fleet of diesel VW bugs?

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6 Responses to Who wants pancakes?

  1. therealjae says:

    Suggestion for the future: lining cookie sheet with aluminum foil before baking.

    Veggie patties that taste like vegetables instead of bad fake meat! Wow! I want to try those.

    Kettle chips are soooo bad for you, but soooo good. I’ll never eat another regular potato chip again.


  2. kepkanation says:

    They definitely try to make them sound good for you on their Web site. If I hadn’t had them, I could easily be fooled into thinking they’re health food instead of potato chips!

  3. tmseay says:

    Oh, *thanks*. Like I really needed another reason to eat Kettle Chips.

    … oh, who am I kidding? At least after I gain 700 pounds of potato weight, I’ll know Mother Nature appreciates me.

  4. kepkanation says:

    I have a brilliant plan (if I do say so myself) to start smuggling Kettle Chips into the movie theater, going on the theory that eventually, I’ll be too large to fit back through the doors and will finally achieve my goal of just living there, full time.

  5. starstraf says:

    I’m sure Pooch could cook me up pankakes with the batter!

    OH Lunch tomorrow I need you to drive – my car will be in the shop

  6. kepkanation says:

    Just read this — I can drive for lunch if you can wait until 12:15 or so to go. I know that’s later than usual.

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