Expiration dates

Right now, I’m in an intro to HTML class at KU. I did learn one thing, so far, but I’ve also already completed the project that’s supposed to keep us busy until 12:30. I think posting here counts as class-related work. Right?

As I drove home for lunch yesterday, I wondered, how long is ketchup good for? I figured there had to be a Web site that would tell me, but, without even asking the Internet, the answer appeared on my friends list, courtesy of . Common Expiration Dates. I debate their assertion that olive oil is good for that long — I think all oils tend to smell rancid after not-too-long in keeping, though I may be going by an open date instead of a bottled dated. Everything else is quite helpful. Now, can anyone tell me why organic milk is good for longer than regular milk?

The other news of my day is that apparently, we are again predicted to be at the front line of some massive storms. Golf ball sized (or larger!) hail, 60 mph winds, tornadoes, yay. Can I just move to Oregon now?

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