Just the weekend facts, ma’am.

Internet…. so…. slow….

Saturday was a big day for me. I had Sunflower come out and turn off my cable. Thus begins an experiment to see if I really miss it more once it’s gone. So far, I’m having some buyer’s remorse — or is it returner’s remorse? — because my ability to get network TV signals is apparently near to 0, with the exception of the upstairs TV in the west bedroom, which gets decent reception for CBS out of Topeka about 70 percent of the time. None of which would be a big deal if I didn’t occasionally depend on local TV for weather info… and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Also, the Tivo is very sad… though I’m still getting channels 40-90 at full cable strength (??) so it still gets to record “The Daily Show.”

I also went to lunch and the library book sale with and her husband. At lunch, I discovered I may, actually, like Brussels sprouts — if they’re well prepared. I also picked up about 5 books at the sale — Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, a non-fiction book about roads/travels by Larry McMurtry, Notes from the Sea of Cortez by Steinbeck (though not one with pictures or maps, , sadly), Jimmy Carter’s novel (The Hornet’s Nest — which I will read and report back upon, particularly the love scene, hee hee), and something else that’s not coming to mind.

I also went to Home Depot and bought a plastic Adirondack-type chair that I managed to so securely wedge into my car that getting it out required a 20-25 minute battle which ended only after briefly trapping the chair against the horn of my car (hullo neighbors, that’s what you get for making my apartment smell like Snoop Dogg’s car) and then after a small tear was made in the upholstery on my visor. The chair, however, is very comfy. Outside reading and computering, here I come!

Last night, caught up on some “Gilmore Girls” with — episodes from Season 3 in which Dean grows a spine and Lorelai gets kind of dumb and crazy for a while. Also worked on crocheting my first baby hat. It is so, so cute.

Finally, today, I woke up tired — late storms kept me up, and then daylight savings stole another precious hour from me. and I drove up to KC to go to Ameristar casino, where I was carded entering the casino floor — and, it turns out, did not have my driver’s license with me. So I read Bel Canto in the walkway area (it’s very nice) while she gambled, and I had a lovely free buffet dinner, thanks to and her amazing coupons. Cheapest casino trip EVER! Huzzah.

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2 Responses to Just the weekend facts, ma’am.

  1. therealjae says:

    Your (ex-)cable company’s name isn’t *really* Sunflower, is it?


  2. kepkanation says:

    It really, truly is. Sunflower Cable and Sunflower Broadband, all the same happy family. They also own the local TV station and local newspaper — the TV station has a Sunflower logo.

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