Crabby Cakes Diner

I whine about just cooking for one and how it sucks, but some nights, there is one outstanding benefit to it: no one else must suffer my cooking experiments.

I got my new pan today, and it is gorgeous. I decided to welcome it home by cleaning the kitchen, and then by making scones from scratch and a frittata. The scones went well in every way but one — missing cream of tartar, I found a book that said 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar could be substituted for 3/4 tsp. of baking soda, so I decided to try reversing that. Whoa, very bad idea. So I had a dozen beautiful scones that all tasted so horribly bitter and soda-y that they all had to be thrown out.

Around that time, my tasty peas-tomatoes-and-parmesan frittata was happily getting stuck to the bottom of my new, very much non-non-stick pan. So when I tried to slide it out, well, even my second favorite kitchen gadget — the silicone scraper — couldn’t get it to flip. Luckily, the new pan was more than happy to go into the oven to finish setting the eggs on top, and now I have a tasty somewhat-scrambly frittata mess to eat for at least three meals. It is actually quite good, if not at all lovely.

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