Someone has decided it’s OK to park in our parking lot. No, the *other* kind of parking.

I am going to get over my love of open-window weather right now if the people outside insist on parking their car outside my apartment (in the good parking space!!!) and playing some kind of rap-R&B crossover at wall-pulsing volumes. The high point of the lyrics so far? “I lay down with my bitch.” Oh, it’s Jay-Z. And wait, now the lyrics are “Bitch! It’s Fat Tom!” and there’s yelling and the sounds of gun shots. What the hell? How is this OK? The car is running, the windows are down, the parking lights are on, and it has to be right under my window? Who have I angered today?

At least the movie gods still love me. Just got back from seeing “Lucky Number Slevin” with and her husband. I have to wonder if I saw the same movie that was so universally disliked last week — not critically panned, perhaps, but at least critically shrugged at, with a sneer. I read that it was “the goriest movie since ‘Sin City'” and some unhappy reviews accusing the director of making a movie to glorify violence for the sake of violence. I didn’t feel any of that. I thought it was quick and witty — not unpredictable, but not totally telegraphed from the outset — with some truly funny lines and basically no moves that were unnecessary to the plot. Then again, I will forgive a long setup if I like the payoff, and here, I liked the payoff. It felt weird, it ran weird, both linear and non-linear, and it was just off-balance at all times. That was a strength for me. The direction — and the editing, whoa — was pretty stellar. And who doesn’t want to see Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kinglsey as rival mobsters? Josh Hartnett was good (I expected to have to qualify that, but no. He was good), and Bruce Willis, essentially playing That Guy That’s Often Bruce Willis, was solid as usual. Thinner, though. Older. I had been tipped off (oh, white male reviewers, they couldn’t resist) to the pretty performance of Lucy Liu, and they were right: hers was a stock side-story role, but she did it well and with charm and balanced the pretty and the witty very nicely. Overall, a good entertainment movie.

[And now the scene outside has escalated dramatically, and one of the neighbors has decided to confront the noisy car, and there is/was yelling and insults, and now everyone has left and we’re back to the usual Tuesday night crowd of occasional giggling girls on cell phones]

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