It’s really going down hill

Yahoo! Headlines:

• Two Duke lacrosse players are arrested
• Israel holds Hamas-led gov’t responsible
Bush taps Portman as new budget director
• Pakistan blocks part of its Afghan border

Now, I like Natalie Portman just as much as anyone. She was good in “Closer” and great in “Garden State” and “V for Vendetta.” I even liked her in Episode One/Star Wars. But isn’t it crossing a line to start picking the White House staff like a popularity contest? Just because she’s a Harvard student and her favorite subject is math doesn’t mean she’s necessarily the best choice for that job. And I’m not letting my own hurt feelings over not being picked, despite a clear campaign for the position, influence me here. Really.

Face it, George. You’re never going to get the smart Hollywood crowd to vote for you.

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3 Responses to It’s really going down hill

  1. phillyexpat says:

    This administration is so screwed up that, for a minute, I thought you weren’t kidding. 😉

  2. kepkanation says:

    Yeah, nothing’s too far fetched anymore: I was going to add a joke about Tom Cruise being appointed Health and Human Services secretary, but that seemed so crazy it might be true.

  3. phillyexpat says:

    My admissions essay for AU (the 2010 Headline essay) has President Tom Cruise resigning due to a sequel scandal, so nothing is too far-fetched indeed.

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