My feet are so bored

Yesterday in the mail (could have also been Wednesday) arrived my pair of shoes for The Wedding. By the way, the wedding? It’s now two weeks away. Who-ha. Anyway, so, shoes (Annie Maka in black) arrived, which means that the dress must now be altered so that it falls between 8-10″ from the floor and is mid-calf. There may be some kind of surgery involved to make that happen, I’m not sure.

Anyway, I’m wearing the shoes around tonight with my pajamas. My feet are all dressed up and I won’t take them anywhere, because I am still sick. Basically, my three-day week has looked like this:

Wake up
Cough and sneeze
Go to half day of work, where people say for four hours, “You really sound bad!” or “You really look terrible!”
Come home, mope, play Sims2 and watch DVDs.
Try to sleep, find self unable to sleep, mope more. Watch the Weather Channel.

So just wearing the shoes has been a really exciting departure from the norm.

I would give my kingdom for a Steel Magnolias icon that would somehow convey the spirit of the “the colors are pink and pink”/ “the colors are blush and bashful” dialog.

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