Wyoming, from truck window

Wyoming, from truck window
Originally uploaded by kepkanation.

I am in Idaho, though this picture is actually from Wyoming. Please excuse the side mirror interruption and focus on the sky, which I offer in place of an actual entry on any of the major events (sister getting married, apartment being completely packed and turned over, trip to Oregon commencing) that have happened in the last 2 weeks.


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4 Responses to Wyoming, from truck window

  1. webcowgirl says:

    Do yo have an address that I can mail your books to? 🙂

  2. therealjae says:

    Ooh, very exciting! Enjoy the trip.


  3. next_bold_move says:

    I think we need to rethink your relocation. I miss you so much that I Googled your name and looked through all the links, separating you from your stepmother.

    I don’t think this is going to work.

  4. yr410ad says:

    Who woulda thunk that Wyoming would have had something beautiful to offer…enjoy the trip and I want to know how Oregon goes as I am seriously considering going there when I am through in Nihon.

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